3rd distribution agreement in Europe

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Lyon (France), Rome, September 14th, 2017 - AMOEBA announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement for its BIOMEBA product with DREWO. This agreement is pending marketing authorization (MA) in Italy.

The collaboration between DREWO and AMOEBA started in November 2015 with the signature of a Letter of Intention (LOI). In August 2016, both companies carried out a first field test in Italy for an industrial company in the automotive sector. This test, still ongoing today, has confirmed the effectiveness of BIOMEBA. Following this success, this car manufacturer wishes to start a new field test on another industrial site before the end of the year. Meanwhile, a second test has started in January 2017 with a client of DREWO from the food industry.

DREWO is the third European distributor to express its confidence towards AMOEBA and its innovative technology through the signature of a distribution agreement.

"Italy is very sensitive to environmental issues, we are looking to offer green alternatives to our industrial customers. The BIOMEBA product, which we have tested its effectiveness on industrial sites, is the biological solution that we wish to offer to our customers.” says Ernesto LATINI, Chief Executive Officer of DREWO.

 "We are very pleased to strengthen the commercial relationship with DREWO through the signature of this distribution agreement. DREWO has a very extensive customer portfolio specialized in the industrial sector which represents a significant market for AMOEBA. " states Fabrice PLASSON, Chief Executive Officer of AMOEBA.

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