Amoéba associates itself with World Water Day

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Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, it is necessary for all living organisms, both animal and vegetable, and is also widely used in industrial processes, which have become unavoidable today. Water is an essential resource; we should take care of it. On the occasion of World Water Day 2016, and associating itself with the initiative proposed by United Nations-Water (UN-Water), we wish to show how Amoéba acts in favour of water preservation by proposing four interviews with our companies’ collaborators:


Willaertia Magna C2c Maky alias Willy, biological biocide : “My mission is to prevent pathogenic bacteria from proliferating in water”

I'm an amoeba and I live in water. Originally, I lived in the hot spring waters in Aix-les-Bains. I spend my time catching - and eating - mean bacteria, like Legionella, Klebsiella or Chlamydia. My favourite dish is biofilms, they are a delicacy, a real feast of microbes. You’ll have got the idea: when I am patrolling the waters, I clean them up, goodbye little bad guys who are usually trying to pollute things. That’s why they call me a biocide. But I'm NATURAL, and I am completely safe for the environment. I have been “adopted” by Amoéba, and I am now happy to be able to help industrial water to get rid of its dangerous microbes, without requiring any chemicals.  Do you want to find out more about me? Take a look




Stéphane Miscopain, Bioproduction technician at Amoéba : “My mission is to help industrialise the production of Amoéba’s biological biocide”

My mission at Amoéba is to contribute to the industrialisation of the process that was developed in R&D, in other words to help grow the amoeba Willaertia Magna C2c Maky at a large scale. On a day-to-day basis, this involves preparation of culture media, growing cultures, then harvesting the ready-to-use amoeba; so really my job is somewhere between a nursery and amoeba-husbandry. I studied microbiology and I am concerned with environmental protection. Working at Amoéba allows me to combine these two areas that are important for me. But the product, BIOMEBA, is not just eco-friendly, its main job is to clean up industrial water by eliminating bacteria such as Legionella, which are deadly to humans. Contributing to producing a green product, which is useful for the environment, is a great mission to have.




Florence Brouard, Bioproduction technician at Amoéba : “My mission is to develop the culture of amoeba used as a biocide”

I work upstream of the production line, on growing the amoeba Willaertia Magna C2c Maky which will be fed into production when necessary. I also work on tests which are carried out to continuously improve the process used to grow the amoeba. I studied in the agri-foods sector, which gave me the opportunity to work on water analysis. My work at Amoéba allows me to draw on the skills I have learned and to enrich them by being in contact with a range of topics. I find it very fulfilling to develop a natural product which can clean up the water we all use every day.





Fabrice Plasson, President of Amoéba : “My mission is to help Amoéba to revolutionise water treatment through an eco-friendly process” 

Amoéba’s primary vocation is to treat industrial waters with its biological biocide, and thus to eliminate micro-organisms that can be dangerous to humans. Amoéba therefore contributes to environmental protection, but also protects human health and future generations. These reasons are why I am so invested in this project. I am lucky to have a team that have pulled out all the stops to make this revolutionary product available rapidly, to everyone to world over. Amoéba’s team is also preparing new processes for applications in other sectors where there is a strong demand, such as the agri-food business and for the treatment of domestic hot water (swimming pools, hotels, hospitals). Working together to develop projects that could have such a strong ecological impact is a stimulus every day.





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