French and Swiss trials of Amoéba’s biocontrol product

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Lyon, 27 March 2020 - in March Amoéba signed agreements with DE SANGOSSE (France) and STÄHLER (Switzerland) to undertake two independent evaluations of its biocontrol product. The field trials, scheduled for 2020, include 5 crops: grape, cereal, potatoes, apple, beetroot. If the results are conclusive, these material transfer agreements could lead to commercial partnerships. The companies plan to evaluate the capacity of the biocontrol product developed and produced by Amoéba - a lysate of the amoeba Willaertia magna C2c Maky - to prevent essential diseases in these crops. “Our market is looking for innovative crop-protection solutions that are both effective and environmentally respectful.” indicates Simon Gasser, Head of Development and Registration at STÄHLER SUISSE SA, one of the main Swiss distributors of biocontrol solutions. “DE SANGOSSE wanted to test Amoéba’s innovation to measure its technical and economic potential. In these conditions, DE SANGOSSE could plan to pursue the development of this project with Amoéba in the coming years” says Nicolas Fillon, Managing Director of DE SANGOSSE, French leader in biosolutions. “The strengthening of links between Amoéba and these major stakeholders in crop protection is an essential step towards a potential commercial partnership. Our factory is running. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, production is at 50%, ensuring that our biocontrol product will be available for all these ongoing tests.” comments Fabrice Plasson, CEO of Amoéba.

See press release DE SANGOSSE Group is evaluating Amoeba's biocontrol products and STÄHLER SUISSE SA evaluates Amoeba biocontrol products on grapes and potatoes


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