W. magna, a biocontrol agent for field crops?

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Lyon, 1st July 2019 – AMOÉBA announces that Willaertia magna C2c Maky effectively treats rust, a group of diseases that decimates field crops, such as soybean and wheat. The study, undertaken by an independent expert, demonstrated more than 85% efficacy when lysed W. magna was applied according to a standard protocol. Following on from the excellent results obtained with W. magna used as a treatment for downy mildew of grapevine and late blight of potato, its action on Uromyces fabae fungi confirms that the amoeba is a potential biocontrol agent with a broad spectrum of action.

Fabrice PLASSON, President and CEO of AMOÉBA, concludes: “Use of our lysed amoeba on field crops could considerably extend our range of treatments. The challenge for us now is to make the most of these advances with external partners”.


To find out more, see the press release: AMOÉBA announces a potential use for its substance for the treatment of a pathogen of field crops: rust

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