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Amoéba’s biological biocide, BIOMEBA, is produced in Amoéba’s factory in France. The company also has a production unit in Canada.

France ─ Factory in Lyon-Chassieu: 2 production lines for France and Europe.

The production facility of BIOMEBA in Lyon-Chassieu takes the bioproduction capacities of BIOMEBA biological biocide to the industrial level.

The Lyon-Chassieu factory is equipped with two 500-L bioreactors, supplemented by a packaging unit, to serve the needs of the significant shareof the European market.

Due to the high degree of automation, the factory that is fully operational in October 2016 employs only 8 bioproduction technicians and runs 24/24, 7/7. The production meets the high standards that are as demanding as the ones applied in pharmaceutical industry, but does not require an operating permit issued by regulatory authorities.

The production site works closely with Amoéba’s R&D department in charge of Willaertia Magna C2c Maky, preparation of culture media, and quality control.

To date, the factory in Lyon-Chassieu has been providing industrial R&D tests in Europe  that have marketing authorisation for R&D and have been insured through our distributors: Aquaprox (France), Drewo (Italy), Novochem (Netherlands, Belgium) and Aqua Concept (Germany).

The construction of new production lines is already in preparation to respond to the growing needs of the water treatment market.

CANADA – Production unit in Montreal

Since August 2016 the Canadian subsidiary of Amoéba – Amoéba Canada Inc. based in Montreal, has a production unit of low production capacity of BIOMEBA identical to the French production unit.

With the four 10-L bioreactors, the site’s production capacity allows all R&D testing in Canada and USA, making its future commercialisation in North America possible.

Today, the production capacity of Amoéba Canada Inc. is dedicated to industrial R&D tests approved by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) through Magnus, our Canadian distributor.