Amoéba's biopesticide validation process

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Extensive validation process: from laboratory to field trials

Amoéba has applied an extensive validation process to prove the efficiency and the non hazards on human health and environment of its product BIOMEBA. Conscious of the importance that such a revolutionary biopesticide could play in water treatment processes, we opted for 10 stages of tests, applied in the most rigorous conditions, and whenever possible exceeded the recommended testing limits usually applied to chemical biocides (in blue in the illustration here below).

In addition to laboratory tests, we performed real-life field tests for over 8 years cumulated, in agreement with French regulatory authorities and in collaboration with water treatment companies and end-users.

Marketing and regulation for the biopesticide BIOMEBA product

BIOMEBA biocidal product has not yet completed the registration process under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and cannot be distributed, sold or used in the United States of
America except for experimental use purposes.

Safety data sheet - SDS - Amoéba biological biocide BIOMEBA